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The updated “Ukrainian Information Space” with the status of the international scientific and practical journal entered the second anniversary of its existence.
This is the only publication in Ukraine, the editorial policy of which clearly highlights the main object of comprehensive analysis and coverage — national information space in the world context as a significant component of the newly emerging humanitarian policy of Ukraine. The state which has competed for ages and now with arms fights for the unconditional right of every nation to permanently affirm in its hut. According to the words of national prophet Taras Shevchenko, Ukraine struggles for its truth, and glory, and will. Also these means include print word, bringing it out of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation shadow.
The number is opened by the exclusive article of the Head of the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine Oleh Nalyvaiko, with the eloquent title “Ukraine got rid of the total state control on press activity”. It is about the completion of one of the resonant late reforms, prompted by the international obligations of Ukraine towards Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, — denationalization of print media.
The article is full of interesting facts. It refers to a number of important trends that have become clearly visible at the final stage of the relevant law of Ukraine implementation. On the one hand, the chronic defects of the national legal field were exposed, which made it possible for a number of newspapers and magazines founders to deliberately impede the reform. On the other hand, there are numerous cases of painful media reform risks caused by the state underestimation and blurring of information poli­cy priorities.

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