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The article deals with a relevant problem of creating Ukrainocentric mass media system in Ukraine. The system, which would be fully independent on political climate, created by corrupted oligarchic state power.
Top priority task, which is put forward by the author of this initiative, is to enlist the services of mass media and blog to UWIN in both Ukraine and diaspora, uniting them around common objective and common tasks: formation of strong and powerful Ukrainocentric mass media system which would play the key-role in Ukrainization of Ukraine information space, will become the decisive factor of raising national identity/conscience and civil res­ponsibility of society, will prepare Ukraine and Ukrainian society for system changes. To attain this objective, the author considers it important to unite separate Ukrainocentric mass media and blogs in both Ukraine and diaspora, to create, on franchising basis, new information resources, based in Internet but with the perspective of real space existence.
The author offers to start developing such system on the basis of specially formed platform, which has got the title Ukrainian World Information Network (UWIN). UKRAINAINC.NET is offered to be the principal site, where one will publish: most important information, reviews and analytical publications about Ukraine and diaspora. The site will include two sections: the first one will incorporate Ukrainian mass media and blogs according to oblast; the second one will incorporate diaspora mass media and blogs according to the countries.
The author emphasizes the possibility of UWIN use for creative career self-actuali­zation of journalists.
The agreement draft on this journalist community membership, which is voluntary and free of charge, is published. The network membership principles, directions and conditions of cooperation are stated and grounded.
Franchising as the basis for developing future Ukrainian World Information Network is discussed in a separate paragraph. It goes about the content of packages, which would include domain registration and service, trainings on working with sites, professional, journalistic and editorial education or re-qualification of Network members.
In Conclusions it is stressed that Ukrainocentric mass media system is one of the key, decisive facts and factors of system changes in Ukraine. Uniqueness of this project is that it considers information space of Ukraine in inseparable connection with information space of Ukrainian diaspora, that is with world information space.

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Ukraine information space; Ukrainocentric mass media system; Ukrainian World Information Network; information space Ukrainization; freedom of speech; creative self-actualization; franchising

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